Advanced Automation Technology for High-Speed Efficiency

Our advanced mechanical engineering solutions can boost your overall productivity

Advanced Automation Technology for High-Speed Efficiency

Our advanced mechanical engineering solutions can boost your overall productivity



HF Meyer America: Mechanical Engineering is Our Forte

Our strong commitment and extensive experience in automation technology make us a trusted global company for over 175 years. We deliver specialized custom machinery for your automation needs. Our products divisions include:

HYSEKAM Can Technology

Our HYSEKAM Can Technology efficiently executes high-speed can automation including can rinsing, turning, discharging, conveying and more

HFM Special Engineering

Our HFM Special Machine Engineering allows flexibility in creating custom-machine that are specific to your individual needs. It covers the areas of palletizing, depalletizing, automation, conveyor and more

RST Robot Technology

Our RST Robot Technology integrates advanced robotics applications in packing as well as in palletizing technology

Our Global Partners

The Perfect Automation Technology For You

Are you looking for a trusted and experienced machine builder for your automation needs? H. F. Meyer can be the right partner for you! We have in-depth experience in this field and we have worked with more than a hundred clients who are incredibly happy about our work.

Our Strengths

Industry Connoisseurs

We are a global leader for German-made machine construction, operating for more than 175 years

Solid Roots

We are run by the sixth generation family, committed to continuing the family legacy for years to come

Healthy Growth & Constant Striving for Further Development

We consistently master our craft to ensure industry excellence and long-term viability

Our Team

We work with highly dedicated team members and high-calibre engineers that share the company’s mission and vision


We employ green solutions whenever possible by using renewable energy, utilizing energy-efficient machines and incorporating eco-friendly practices in our operations


We open our doors to talented individuals for skills development and training opportunities in the field of mechanical engineering

Direct Shipping in America

We are going global. If you’re based in the U.S. then, you can conveniently connect with our on-site branch in America for faster and seamless transactions.

High-Quality Machinery for
Your Unique Automation Needs

We design and build custom machinery to fit your specific requirements. Trust that we will deliver best results – that’s our promise!

Manufacturing Process

The success of every machinery project is dependent on the efficient and effective multi-step manufacturing process.

H. F. Meyer follows a systematic process from the moment a client reaches out to us. Our step-by-step process covers the crucial aspects of inquiry, client consultation, detailed planning, manufacturing, quality control, shipping, assembly and after-sales service.

We execute utmost efficiency in all aspects of our company. We take pride in manufacturing the complete machinery from a single source. This means that all machines are designed and built all in one place. We employ the highest safety standards, quality-grade materials and feasible green solutions in our machine construction.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Inquiry

Once an inquiry is made, one of our team members will get back to you via email or a phone call.

2. Client Consultation

We’d love to discuss in detail about your project. During the initial consultation, you can directly instruct our machine specialist about your goals and specifications. This way, we can better design the perfect custom machinery for you.

3. Project Offer

In a few days or so, we will get back to you with a detailed project proposal and a quotation. Feel free to let us know if you may need any adjustments so we can further refine the project. Once you approve the design, we then forward it to our manufacturing team to start the machine construction.

4. Manufacturing

Our seasoned engineers and machine builders shall implement the machine specifications and work instructions according to the approved proposal.

5. Quality Control

All machinery goes through a stringent quality inspection. Hence, all our products are guaranteed to pass all quality grade standards before they are released from our factory.

6. Shipping

Once the machine is completely packed and ready, we will then coordinate the shipping with you.

7. Assembly

To make sure that the machine is perfectly assembled, we usually send one of our team members or a partner subcontractor (in some locations) to professionally assemble the machine for you.

8. After-Sales Support

We take care of our clients even after the purchase is completed. At H. F. Meyer, you can get a comprehensive after-sales service including but not limited to product assistance, spare parts needs, lubricating needs, repairs and maintenance, product upgrades and so much more.

Are You Ready to Work With Us?

Let us know your project requirements. Our team will get back to you shortly and design a custom-made machine for you.